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Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Sorry I have not blogged in a while I have been sooooo sick. I was so sick of living next to the toilet, garbage can, puke bucket I called the doctor. I went in yesterday and he gave me phenergran which put me to sleep for the rest of day, this was really nice except I do need to work and I would not be able to take this pill and work so I called the doctor back today and asked for another prescription that was a little less drowsy......he gave me Zofran!!! Can I just say that if you are so sick you feel like dieing or aborting the whole thing and wishing you could turn back time that this is something that you should try!! I have actually ate lunch today first meal in almost a week. (no worries the Doctor says my weight is still fine and if I loose more I will still me okay!) But I am SMILING.....it has been along time!!! The down fall to the whole thing is I only get 20 pills for 30 days.....hmmmm I will guard these with my life!!! They are worth gold!!! yum!

I will try blogging more but I have to get back to work...

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Guess What

Guess what! If you haven't heard already! Were going to be having a baby!!!

AWHHH!! Me a mom!!! How did this happen? I didn't really think that when you ate watermelon seeds that it would really grow! :)

The Prince and I are really excited but really scared but who isn't with the first! We made both of our parents GRANDPARENTS!!!! Who knew!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Demolition Derby

On Saturday the Freckles, the Prince and I with some friends went to the town demolition derby. It was a lot of fun. It lasted FOREVER. though.
There were a lot of cars that caught on fire! It was pretty funny

Big Freckle and I had alot of fun!

I think these guys got into the derby quite a bit!! lol!

Friday, August 1, 2008

More Goats

So our farm is getting bigger! We had twin babies again!! I am so happy. They are so cute right now they are the size of a 8 week old puppy....Wish they didn't stink so i could take them in the house and play with them! I will post pictures of them later. Just could not wait to share the news!!!