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Monday, December 15, 2008

December Photos

This is my little bump at 22 weeks. I swear it grows by the day.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Finally I posted!

So it has been forever since I have posted! I have alot of catching up to do on here!

The prince and I have found out that we are having a boy! We are super excited! The baby is growing great and my original due date is April 7th and the ultrasound measurements give me a due date of April 1st. The prince is super excited about this because he wants the baby to be born on April 1st he informed me that this is Hef's birthday (owner of Playboy)!

I am also on a Volleyball team with a few members of my family. We have alot of fun and I think that we have impoved alot since last year! We have a game once a week.

The prince is on a shooting team with a few guys from work. I like to go and watch him but it is super cold! He is doing pretty good.

Christmas is coming and I am super excited! I have been doing alot of shopping and I need more money!!! Don't we all though! I have not been good with my decorations this year. I still don't have a tree and I am not going to be decorating my yard this year. The neighbors will not be happy with me because I usually have a snowman that is bigger than our house in the front yard and they all seem to enjoy him but I am just not up for it this year. Maybe this weekend I will change my mind but I highly doubt it. Tonight the prince and I are going to help his parents decorate our grandparents house! It will be alot of fun!

Sorry I don't have any pictures to post.
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