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Friday, February 27, 2009

1st Baby Shower

So yesterday was my first baby shower! It was alot of fun and I got alot of things! This is a diaper cake that my mom made!! Isn't it cute?!?!?!

I was completely spoiled!! :)

I can't wait to hang this up in his room!

Thank you Mom! You are awesome!

Monday, February 23, 2009

2nd Prenatal Class

The Prince and I (yes the 2 of us!) went to our 2nd prenatal class together! This time we learned about the female anatomy and what changes go on for the baby to be delivered, different medications that are given prelabor, during labor, and after labor. The instructor also had a placenta brought down from the delivery room (I knew this ahead of time but didn't inform the prince...why should I spoil the surprise right!) much to my surprise though the prince loved it. The instructor had everyone move to the front of the room so the view was better... I stayed in my seat...however the prince was up there getting pretty close and asking all sorts of questions if she had an extra pair of gloves I swear he would have been all over it! lol! I am glad to know that he won't have a weak stomach in the delivery room! I am going to miss the next class due to a baby shower. The prince says he might go by himself....I guess he really enjoyed himself!


YAHOO!! Oh my do I look like a chub in this picture!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Happy Birthday Mom!

Happy Birthday Mom! You are finally 40! How does it look on the other side of the hill? lol! Just kidding! I love you and hope that your day was wonderful!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Update on Prenatal Class

Last night was the first night of the prenatal class. The prince ended up having to plow snow so I went alone. The class was very informative and I recommend any 1st timers to make sure that they sign up for one of these classes. We still have 4 weeks left of the class but I feel I have learned so much already. Hopefully the prince will be able to make it to next weeks class he felt bad missing the first day.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Prenatal Class

The prince and I have signed up for a Prenatal Class at the hospital. It starts today. I don't think that either of us know what to expect. I will post tomorrow and let you know how the 1st day goes! I am sure with my prince things are going to be very interesting!!

So far the pregnancy is going well. My feet and hands seem to be swelling more and more but atleast I am not vomiting any more! We do have most of the baby room done! We just need to move in the rocking chair and dresser and move Hank out! Poor Hank!! (P.S. If you haven't voted for Hank and I make sure you do so!) :)

I will post pictures soon!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Valentine's Contest

Hank and I are entering a Valentine contest to win a year supply of chocolick dog treats. Please log on to www.chocolicktreats.com – Click on contest - register - find our picture in the chocolick gallery - click on the picture - click on vote. The picture with the most votes wins!!
Wish us luck!


This year my volleyball team had a huge success!! We took 1st this year! YAHOO!!
I have to say that this year was the best that we have ever played and it was so much fun.
We had our picture taken and it should be in the paper next week. I will post the picture as soon as I get it!!