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Friday, April 15, 2011


Brody just turned 2 on April 5th! He is getting so big and smarter by the minute. For his birthday his Grandma Vickie and PaPa Doug bought him a guinea pig that he LOVES and calls "PIG" LOL!

Yesterday morning while I was getting ready for work Brody wanted to play with the pig so I put the cage on the ktichen floor so he could play with it. He had me open the gate but he wanted to be the one to get the pig out (because he is SO big like that!) so he stuck his hand in the cage and gave him the hand signal of come here and was repeating "here pig, here pig" ...ha ha well of course the scared little pig runs to the opposite corner of the cage in hopes that Brody can't catch him :) After a few minutes of that Brody gets tired and decides that he will just close the door on the cage so he closes the door...well this excites him so much that he yells "I DID IT, I DID IT"...so I decide to join in on his excitement and clap and say "Yay Brody did it all by himself" Brody gets so excited that begins jumping up and down yelling jibber jabber and throws his hands in the air runs around in a few small circles and then darts off to his bedroom! Yes, all this excitement just because he closed a door!

It's moments like this that I adore being a Mom!